Qinghai Green Development & Trade Fair 2013

From June 7th to June 10th, as a SAOS voice, I was invited by the Chinese European and American Chamber of Commerce (EAcham) in Xining (Qinghai province) for the annual Qinghai Green development & trade fair. This fair began on June the 10th and ended the 13th. The local government spent $60 billion to organize it. This fair is an important national event and is becoming an international one with about 20 foreign companies doing this business trip with the European and American Chamber of Commerce, plus the Delegation of Mexico and Paris (including the President of the French chamber of commerce of “Val D’Oise”.

From June 7th to June 9th, we were attending many official meetings with the provincial government. It was such an honour to meet the Vice Governor of Qinghai and other important political representatives of the province. qinghai fair 1 Gao Ying (Left), chief Representative of the China Office of EAcham; Luo Yulin (Middle), Executive Vice Governor of the Qingha Province; Leila Hatoum (Right), Business Development in SAOS

The Qinghai province is a very rich area thanks to its mineral resources and aims at boosting foreign investments and economic cooperation. That is the reason why some foreign companies’ agents were invited to meet the provincial government.

An impressive number of economic cooperation agreements were signed between the provincial government and companies of the EAcham delegation during that event. The goal of those meetings was very clear: trade agreement for the numerous natural resources of Qinghai province. qinghai fair 2

Qinghai is a Chinese area located above Tibet, and its capital is Xining. This city owns an economic and technological development zone since July 2000, whose size reaches 4.4 km². Xining Economical and Technological Development Zone (XETDZ) is located in the east of Xining, 5 kilometers away from downtown.

This development zone is focused on several industries:

• Chemicals based on salt lake resources,

• Nonferrous metals,

• Petroleum and natural gas processing,

• Special medicine,

• Foods and bio-chemicals using local plateau animals and plants,

• New products involving ecological and environmental protection,

• New materials as information technology,

• Services such as logistics, banking, real estate, tourism, hotel, catering, agency and international trade.

Obviously, Qinghai’s resources are vast and foreign companies are very interested in working with this province. Those resources are highly in demand for many kinds of industry and natural resources are rare and obviously more and more precious.

The fair was traditional craft oriented too, but the main goal was clearly to attract foreign investment and economic cooperation with them. However, there is a thing we could notice: even if this fair was international and important foreign guests were invited, all the stalls and explanations were in Chinese. Maybe next year we could see more English language.

By Leila Hatoum


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