Hot Electronic from HK show spring 2013

As an electronic lover and a guy who works in China sourcing for many years, I am a regular visitor to these major electronics show in my fellow city. There is a major one in WanChai exhibition center “HongKong Electronic Show” and another one “China Sourcing Fair” in the airport. Both feature electronics and by intention they show in the same period of time.

As always tons of visitors and always smart to register in advance to simplify the entry process.

electronic show

Some product I found interesting and would like to share some of them here.

– PC controlled gun


A gun that controlled by PC and shot annoying customer passed-by  Said the Android and IOS version is coming.

– Glass display technology:

video on glass

Showing movie and touch screen interface on glass! Innovative idea for outdoor advertising and vending machine.

– Wifi SD card

wifi sd card

Share pictures directly from your SLR camera. No card reader needed anymore…

– Flash drive that take data directly from Iphone

flash drive for iphone

Physical way of sharing! Work well especially when network is not available.

– Phone projector

iphone projector

Killer to those mobile projector products. Good solution when meeting customer.

Some trends I can see for Spring show 2013:

– Less tablet, eventually! – Still tons of iphone accessories and power bank, from low end with just a colored injection plastic to high end branded fashion style iphone case. Seems still a big business. – Less 3D TV. However no 4K TV shown..well, I don’t normally expect to see anything cut edge from Hong Kong show. – Good balance between product and service industry. On the 3rd floor there is a big area for service industry to promote.

Every year SAOS visits different trade fairs in the region on behalf of our clients and will report on interesting items. If you are interested to 1st hand fair report, interesting items, product trends..etc, don’t forget to follow us on our social media.



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