Chinese Diaosi- A Special Group to Bring New Business Opportunities

Since GDP growth fall to 7.8%, Chinese economy seems not good this time (Chinese economy is still quite good under the global economic background). Affected by the economic environment, the Chinese luxury consumption dropped substantially, which is a big headache for businessmen. At the same time, the strengthening of the pressure of public opinion and the increase of anti-corruption efforts, and lead to many officials’ sacked. So the high-end menswear and high-end watch market begins to become deserted (better give some data support on this). It is more and more difficult to earn rich man’s money, so whom should we turn to? The answer is surprisingly: Diaosi. This word originally was used to describe underprivileged people who lacked many of the societal gifts that one must possess (good appearance, family background, a promising career or high social status). A survey released on April 1 indicates that China’s “Diaosi population” has reached 526 million, which accounts for 40% of the country’s population.


ds_chart1Programmer and journalists are the most self-identity of Diaosi, just less then 10%’s civil servant regard themselves as Diaosi.

ds_chart2Most post-80s generation recognize Diaosi, the rate up to over 80%.



ds_chart5In consumption concept, Diaosi have high pursuit on quality and fashion, while for necessities of life, it is less than 10%. So what is the greatest need of Diaosi


ds_chart7Obviously, Diaosi are homebodies. they like to get on-line in the evening,especially like playing online games, so social networking is the largest shortcomings of Diaosi and the largest demand. Survey shows, only one in three of male Diaosi players has a girlfriend, but Diaosi’s age is most concentrated in 20 to 30 years old, it is time to fall in love. Thus, social contact is the greatest need of Diaosi.

Conclusion: Diaosi have gradually formed a unique consumer groups. They have strong spending power and rational consumption idea. It is outmoded to pursue “top grade” products. Accord with Diaosi, parity, creative ideas may become the mainstream of the future consumption, which will inevitably bring new business opportunities.


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