SAOS stands for “Shared Asian Operations Services”. We are a Hong Kong based company with major operations in Hong Kong and China. SAOS provides professional resources for companies worldwide who would like to run their own business operations in the Asian Pacific region. Our mission is to equip small and medium sized companies with affordable world-class services run by Asian elites, thus affordably enhancing the competitiveness of your businesses.

Unlike most sourcing and quality inspection agencies, our service focuses on supply management operations. We are dedicated to finding the most suitable supplier with the best running costs and managing your risk and opportunity strategies here in Asia for you. For more information, please see the How it Works section.

Working with us means your business will be handled by top of the line Asian team, highly qualified individuals. SAOS’ top management is originally from Hong Kong and France with strong experiences and skills gained from working for Fortune 500 companies, both in Headquarters and Asian buying office settings. We have 15+ years of hands on experience in Asian-based manufacturing as buyers and sellers, and are extremely dedicated to running the most efficient Operations for our clients. Our monthly plans are assigned to clients along with an operations manager that has solid experience in all needed functions to make your business grow profitably.

SAOS, your trusted Asian operation partner!


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